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Say Goodbye to Quick Fixes and Hello to Lasting Health  & Confidence.

Join our six-week summer shred.
Starts 19 Feb.

Tired of quick fixes that fizzle out?
Think it’s too late to achieve your dream summer body?
Want an easy to follow program that makes sense?

Join our On-line 6-week Summer Shred program with 1:1 Coaching. Kicks off 19 Feb

We know you're tired of the weight loss guesswork, the unsustainable diets, and complex routines that don't stick.

Say no to
fleeting fads or no-fun challenges!

This program is about creating a change that lasts.
It's not about missing out or going hard for six weeks and that's it. 

It's a way to kickstart your health, nourish your body, get stronger, all while taking care of your spirit too.


This sounds perfect.
Sign me up 

Welcome to your on-line 6-Week Summer Shred
Six, fun-filled transformative weeks with 1:1 Coaching support.

Weight loss, fitness and how we see our bodies is a complicated topic. It's not as simple as calories in v's calories out.  Often it's our own voices that get in our way, which is why mindset is at the heart of our program. 
We look at the deeper reasons that stand between you and your goals.
Honing in on the barriers that have kept you from losing weight or sticking to an exercise routine in the past and teaching you techniques to conquer your mind once and for all. All backed by Neuroscience.
And of course, no summer shred program would be without easy to follow
at home work outs, delicious nutritional meal plans and plenty of support along the way.

It's time to start your transformation journey with our meticulously crafted 'Summer Shred' program, focusing on four key pillars. 

Our program is designed for you to feel fabulous

You’ve deserve to feel fabulous …not for 28 days or as part of an 8 week challenge, but for life.

We're proud of our program that's not just about shedding kilos (although that will happen if you follow the program), our approach goes beyond. It’s about embracing consistent movement, cultivating the habit of making healthier choices, and enjoying your life. In our supportive environment, there are no public weigh-ins, comparisons, or room for shame. Instead you get gentle encouragement
with tough love when you need it!

Our top priority is to help you achieve results that stick. 

This is for you, if you:

  • Don't like the way you feel right now because you've put on weight or feel sluggish.

  • Are tired of yo-yo dieting and want to establish a foundation for optimal health and make sustainable changes.

  • Struggle with maintaining motivation or losing weight on your own.

  • Need a program that's flexible around your life.

  • Want to shed old habits and replace them with new, healthy ones.

  • Want to understand why you do what you do, and would like to learn techniques.

  • Need accountability to stay on track with your health goals.

Hold off, if you:

  • Are looking for a quick fix.

  • Believe in fast and furious, unsustainable weight loss.

  • Are not ready to put in the work.

  • Not interested in self-reflection and willing to explore alternate techniques. 

  • Have diagnosed eating disorders.

  • Or have other medical conditions that aren't suitable for weight loss programs or go against your doctors advice. 

Exercising at Home_edited.jpg

Anytime, Anywhere

Nourish your mind & body.
Move & strengthen.

How it works

Image by Nubelson Fernandes

Set an intention

Image by patricia serna

Log your starting point

Image by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger

Adopt Habits
for Mindset, Nutrition and Movement

Image by Luke Chesser

Track progress
with support from your coach.


Preparation is key.
Weekly Shop. Blocking Out Non-Negotiable Time.Committing to Yourself.

Everything at your fingertips in the Summer Shred App

Fitness App


Download & Register on the App

Set up your profile and tell us all about your goals.
This becomes your benchmark for the program and how we check-in to make sure it's working for you. 


Track your activity

Most of us have our phones on us all the time, so it's easy to log-activity, get your menus (and shopping lists) and see your progress throughout the six weeks.


Connect with the community

Ask questions, share recipes, or food swaps. 
Why not partner up with a local buddy to help you get your daily movement in.


I did last year's summer shred and it was exactly the motivation I needed.
I'm so much fitter and healthier now and have kept up my training with group classes at Strength Agenda.


The Summer Shred motivated me to train more, be more conscious of my food choices. 
And I still enjoyed myself.


I couldn't believe the difference after just two weeks. I'd lost weight, felt great and was making better choices every day.

Client transformation.


Meet Your Coaches

Your team supporting you during the six-week summer shred.

Take the first steps towards sustainable health.
It's not just an investment in your physical health but an investment in you - you're worth it.

Invest in You

Reminder, here's what you get.

  • Neuroscience-backed mindset coaching to break free from mental blocks.

  • A nutritious, personalised meal plan so delicious, you won't believe it's designed for weight loss.

  • Dynamic, home/gym-based workout programs catered to your fitness level.

  • 1:1 coaching check-ins to keep your motivation sky-high.

  • An empowering community group that cheers you on every step of the way.

  • All within your powerful, Summer Shred App.

New Members
If you're new to the Strength Agenda, you'll need to register via our Wellness Living App before you can set up your account and select the Summer Shred Program from the Store.
6 Week Program= $395 upfront or $66 p/w.
Why not add group classes or personal training into the mix too to accelerate your progress! 

Existing Members

Log into your account as usual, then select the Summer Shred Program from the Store. Your exclusive price will apply at checkout.

Selecting this option won't change any of your existing personal training sessions or plans.

6 Week Program = $348 upfront or $58 p/w.

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