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Personal Training Demonstration Five Dock and Wareemba

12-week set

A pathway to reaching your goals and making lasting change.

Why 12-weeks?

When you commit to 12 weeks of anything you are on the way to sticking with a new habit.

This 12-week program combines 1:1 attention and guidance with regular one-on-one workouts with a certified personal trainer and coach.

It's great for you when you have a specific training goal in mind, like getting stronger, losing weight, increasing mobility and stability, training for an event, or a fun run.

If you follow our program you can expect to make lasting changes to your physical and mental wellbeing in just three months.

With accountability, structure, and a well-defined plan to follow, you'll have all the tools you need to start training that leaves you feeling and looking amazing, stronger, and more energised.

But it's more than just physical progress, this focuses on enhancing your overall wellbeing, boosting your mindset, and helping you succeed.

At the end of every 12-week set, we review your results, set new goals, and up the training ante. 
You'll never get bored and will never do the same program twice.

Woman in a black Strength Agenda T'Shirt changes the weight on the bar.


I started training at The Strength Agenda approximately 3 months ago and I absolutely love it! I have done personal training previously and have never stuck with it. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy training and can see results. My trainer Dan, Senka and the rest of the team are fantastic. Fun, friendly, personaI service. Extremely clean and brand new equipment. I can see myself training here for the long run.


An amazingly equipped new fitness studio with a focus on all aspects of your fitness and health, which is a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry! As the owner and as an experienced personal fitness trainer, coach and strength athlete Senka’s professionalism, experience and inspiring energy is next level! She always encourages you to become the best version of yourself! Her personalised plans and training sessions really are tailored for my specific needs and goals to provide results! The Strength Agenda has a focus on building your strength and fitness, not just physically but also mentally! Highly recommended!


I have been training with Senka @ The Strength Agenda for a year now. She has helped me tremendously after shoulder surgery. She has guided me every step of the way to full recovery. I am now back to full strength thanks to her knowledge, positivity and programming.
I highly recommend The Strength Agenda and their trainers if you want results and a program just for you.

Get in Touch

Book an introductory call where we get to know your training goals and explore your options.
There's no pressure to go ahead. 

The payoff

Guidance and accountability

In the 12-Week Set, accountability is the name of the game.

Our expert coaches are by your side every step of the way, ensuring you stay committed to your goals and motivated to push your limits.

With a structured program to follow, you'll know exactly what to do each day, eliminating any confusion and progress is a given.

Transformation inside and out

Whether it's shedding unwanted kilos, building strength, or enhancing overall wellbeing, our 12-Week Set has got you covered.


Look and feel good as you witness a remarkable transformation in your body and mindset.

Experience a newfound sense of energy, motivation, and confidence.


The 12-Week Set isn't just about physical fitness; it's a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Through mindful training and stress-relief techniques, we'll help you foster a positive mindset,  to help you reduce stress.

Feel energised with the mental clarity and focus to enjoy life beyond the gym.

Convenient Location

The Strength Agenda
Personal Training Gym at Wareemba

We're nestled between Five Dock and Abbotsford. 

276 Great North Rd

Wareemba 2046

0400 818 758

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