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Hello, I'm Senka

Founder and Head Coach

Get to know Senka

Senka is the powerhouse behind The Strength Agenda, a fitness community that's not just about sweating it out – but taking a holistic approach.

Senka started the Strength Agenda during the heart of COVID, when she realised people were craving more than the cookie-cutter options out there. They wanted a place where they could feel seen, supported, and connected. So, with the unwavering support of friends, Senka followed her heart and built her dream gym.

Located in Wareemba, her beloved hometown since 2006, The Strength Agenda became a reflection of everything she cherishes: community, health, nutrition and fitness.

Senka's philosophy is simple: fitness should be a sustainable and enjoyable journey, tailored to your unique needs. She knows that one size does not fit all, and she's all about helping you find the perfect fit for your goals and preferences.

At The Strength Agenda, it's about making fitness a lifestyle, not a fleeting trend.

Senka knows that true strength comes from within. That's why she's a fierce advocate for mental wellbeing, creating an environment where you can build confidence and transform from the inside out.

When she's not igniting transformations at The Strength Agenda, Senka finds balance and joy in her life.

She embraces the "mum's taxi" role, chauffeuring her kids to school sports events and enjoys being near or in the ocean and trying new restaurants and bars with her hubby and friends.

And because it's all about balance, let's not forget her love for pasta, wine, especially that cold, crisp rosé and the stash of chocolate in her cupboard at all times.

Career highlights

Competitive gymnastics background, former HR Director and one of the few women on the weights floor back in the 90’s.

Australasian top 3 placed bodybuilding champion (bikini with IFBB - international federation of bodybuilders).

Fitness Qualifications

Senka is our head Personal Trainer, and founder of the Strength Agenda, who is a lifelong learner who regularly does short courses in food, nutrition, training for women in perimenopause.

  • Cert IV Fitness 

  • Performance Nutrition Coach

  • Bachelor of Commerce

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