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Training with a client, head coach Senka directs her form on a bench press. Personal Training Gym Wareemba Five Dock

The 6-week reboot

A great start for anyone just getting back into training, coming back from injury or wanting to make time for themselves. 

What you can expect

The 6-week reboot is the ultimate fitness kickstart designed to get you moving with a coach and personal trainer. You'll ignite your motivation and build solid training habits that last. It's a great way to explore whether personal training is for you.

Many of our members tell us they lost their training mojo, or that life has taken over, in their world of busy, they haven't made the time for their health and wellness - and it's weighing them down. 
They want change, but they are not sure how much they can realistically commit to. 

Say hello to the 6-week reboot program. 
This program is a game-changer. 

We're here to help you reignite your love of fitness, fine-tune your form, and gain momentum so you can hit your health and wellness goals. 

Whether you choose one, two, or three sessions per week, get ready to feel stronger, fitter, and more empowered than ever before.

With weekly check-ins, our expert coaches keep you on track and motivated, ensuring you stay committed to your goals.

There is real power in momentum, and our training and nutrition plans are tailored to fuel your progress and set you up for long-term success.

Plus, you'll have the essential tools and support to make healthier choices, taking care of your overall well-being inside and outside the gym. 

Because we focus on strength and conditioning, we're setting you up for good habits, great form and a fantastic foundation to stay on this new path.

Are you ready to get going? 

Join our Six-Week Reboot Program, and together, we'll transform your fitness and lifestyle, setting the foundation for a stronger, healthier, and happier you! Let's get started today!

Geri Fitzgerald

“I haven’t had the courage to go to a gym in years then I found The Strength Agenda and I am so impressed with the welcoming team and excellent group classes. Overall, a wonderful motivational environment for all levels of fitness."

Julia Natoli

Key word: A M A Z I N G! Senka and Team are really encouraging, professional and friendly. They take the time to understand who you are, and what you want to get out of your training. I cannot recommend The Strength Agenda enough.

David Taylor

Wonderful and supportive place to work. Great balance of non-judgement and gently pushing you to try your best and keep on track. Thoroughly recommend Strength Agenda for people at any stage of their fitness journey :)

The Payoff

Guidance and accountability

One-on-one sessions with our expert coaches, tailored to your specific fitness goals and needs.

No more guesswork or generic workouts – every exercise will be designed with you in mind to maximise results.

- better form
- a solid plan
- training sessions

Solid Training Habits

Choose between one, two, or three sessions per week to establish a consistent training routine that becomes a habit.

Our personal training coaches support you to reach new heights during every workout.

Goal-Oriented Approach: Together we set clear, achievable goals to ensure you surpass them, building confidence and momentum to keep at it.

Support for Health and Nutrition

Fuel your body with the right foods to support your fitness goals with your personalised nutrition plan that aligns with your training and lifestyle.

You will have the tools and knowledge to make healthier choices beyond the gym, giving you the power to maintain your progress long after it ends.


Get in Touch

Book an introductory call where we get to know your training goals and explore your options.
There's no pressure to go ahead. 

Convenient Location

The Strength Agenda
Personal Training Gym at Wareemba

We're nestled between Five Dock and Abbotsford. 

276 Great North Rd

Wareemba 2046

0400 818 758

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